The School of Fine Arts at the University of Connecticut was created in 1961 and celebrated its 50th Anniversary during the academic year of 2011-12. From its inception in 1881, the University of Connecticut has encouraged artistic and cultural development for its students, faculty, staff and the community at large. With the formation of glee clubs, orchestras, drama clubs and other artistic organizations during the late 1800’s, the arts have flourished and grown in visibility and in importance on the campus. This important historic timeline provides a chronology of events, activities, decisions and accomplishments in the arts on the UConn campus.

Thanks and appreciation are given to the following stalwart workers: Professor Emeritus, Robert McDonald, and recently retired Music Cataloguer/Metadata Librarian, Joe Scott, the principal researchers and developers of the content of the Timeline;  Professor Emeritus and former Assistant Dean of the School of Fine Arts, Donald Murray, who contributed research materials, as well as guidance, and inspiration to the Timeline, while busily compiling his own recently published  “The University of Connecticut’s School of Fine Arts: A History of the First Years:1961-2011”; Professor Emeritus Peter Bagley, who first suggested the idea of an inter-active web-based timeline, and whose organizational leadership helped to  bring that idea into its present reality;  and, Professor Randall Hoyt, who guided the construction of an early web prototype of the Timeline. Particular thanks go to Shobha Benkatraman, webmaster for the SFA, for bringing the project to fruition in WordPress, the new University web standard. Thanks, also, to members of the SFA faculty who submitted significant events and images from their collective memories.

With this timeline, we now have a living record that provides a clearer understanding of the history that led to the creation of the School of Fine Arts and many of the events and activities that have shaped the School into what it is today. This timeline is dedicated to the many students, faculty and staff members who have devoted their lives to arts and culture at the University of Connecticut.